Problems With Florida Toll Roads

Florida has several toll roads that just about every resident must use at some point in their life. The problem is that nothing is as it seems with tolls.

There is NO $100 Fine for a Toll Violation

Before you enter just about any toll booth you will see a sign that states there is a $100 fine for violating the toll. That is a lie. Maybe in some corner of an obscure statute it says that the fine is $100 but that is never what you face if you are cited for running a toll.

Just as a refresher - if your vehicle registration address is correct or, if you are a SunPass or E-Pass account holder, your account address is up to date then if you run a toll you will:

  • First receive a notice saying you ran a toll and ask for the toll amount plus a small administrative fee.
  • If that is not paid you will receive another notice asking for the toll amount (e.g., $1.25) plus $25.
  • Finally, if that is not paid a citation for $262 will be issued (not $100).

Having an Account With SunPass or E-Pass is Not Automatic

Even if you have an account with SunPass or E-Pass it does not mean you are always good to go. Make sure you keep your address on your account up-to-date. Yes, this means your vehicle registration address is not the primary "go-to address" anymore.

Additionally, I suggest you use a credit card with auto-replenishment. If you do, make sure to update the card after it expires and you receive a new one. If you do not use auto-replenishment you must keep track of your driving and check your account often.

The Main Reasons Why People Receive Toll Tickets

There are several common reasons why someone gets a toll ticket. They are:
  • No SunPass or E-Pass account.
  • Account lacks funds - usually has a large balance from the toll authority.
  • Address is wrong (Remember, SunPass will charge your account if the address associated with the account is accurate even if the transponder does not work).
  • Vehicle sold with the license plate. Remember, the tag is assigned to the owner of the vehicle - that's you. Never leave a tag on a car you sell.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

There are several things we can do to avoid a toll ticket. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Get a SunPass account - it works throughout the state.
  • Keep account information up-to-date (address, credit card info).
  • Keep vehicle registration up-to-date. If you move soon after your birthday, update the address online. Don't wait for the renewal notice.
  • Use a credit card with the auto-replenish feature.

Toll Ticket Fines Can Be Greatly Reduced

If you have a toll ticket don't despair. The fine amount can be drastically reduced. At a hearing an attorney can negotiate with the Tollway Authority Enforcement Officer to reduce your fine amount and sometimes even get some tickets dismissed.

- is an Orlando attorney practicing criminal defense. He represents clients seeking criminal record expungements throughout the state of Florida and all traffic infractions/charges in Central Florida.

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