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Red Light Cameras in City of Orlando

Does the City of Orlando know what the law requires for Red Light Cameras? A look at the picture below would indicate to me that they do not.

Florida is required to have "uniform" traffic laws. That was the curse that brought down the red light cameras before the state passed a unifying law regarding the cameras. Uniformity requires that all laws regarding the red light cameras be the same throughout the state. This also includes the way in which these laws are enforced.

Unfortunately, for Orlando, they have not caught up to that "uniformity" thing.

It's About Safety, not money . . . (Red Light Cameras)

The City of Orlando likes to tout how red light cameras are all about safety.  Let's see how they define safety...

Apparently, safety is about money, or it is determined by the amount of money brought in.  Notice how they do not mention the number of accidents that occurred or if that amount has been reduced.

This is how government fleeces our pockets under the guise of "safety."

Orlando Red Light Cameras - Signs

Is this sign  not in conformity to the Florida Department of Transportation [DOT] specifications?

According to the DOT, all red light camera signs that notify drivers of a red light camera at the oncoming intersection that permits right turns on red must have a sign located below the "Photo Enforced" sign that indicates "INCLUDES RIGHT TURN."

Orlando started their "Orlando Stops" campaign before the independent Red Light Camera enforcement was declared unconstitutional.  After that the legislature created a new statute that made red light camera enforcement uniform statewide.  This statute had requirements on how the cameras should be placed, maintained, etc.  However, this was after Orlando and other cities had already "placed" their cameras.  In fact, the DOT came up with specifications for these cameras only in April of 2011.

Compare the sign above with the specifications that the DOT recommend.


Red Light Cameras: Why it is all about money.

We have been told that red light cameras are all about safety.  It's a great pitch - who is against "safety?" The problem is that it just does not add up to be about saving lives and injuries because...
...If they wanted to do that there are several inexpensive things they could do that would make these intersections safer, albeit, less profitable.

1. Extend the length of the duration of the yellow light.

     They should have tried this before they spent million$ installing these cameras.

2. Place Red Light Camera signs at the corners of the intersection.

     Currently they place a sign some distance away from the intersection advising people that the intersection has a camera. However, the overwhelming number of citations issued are for "right on red" turns.  If this practice is so dangerous (turning right on red) why not place another sign at the corner where the right on red turns are being made? Or just make turning right on red illegal!

3. Place red light…