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Can I Use The HOV Lane?

I started this post thinking that it should be relatively easy to explain when you can use the HOV lane in Florida. Instead, I have come away more frustrated with the law, lawyers, legislators, and any big government advocate out there. This is a classic example of bureaucratic "___________" (input word here).
How Would You Write The HOV Law? Before we get into the baloney of how the Florida legislature wrote the HOV law, let's imagine that we wrote it or just imagine how you think it was written. With a little thought we would come up with something like:
HOV means High Occupancy Vehicle and that type vehicle can be any vehicle that has a driver and at least one passenger.HOV Lane means a lane designated for use by an HOV. A designated HOV lane requires that any vehicle driven in that lane have at least 2 people in that vehicle.If there is only one person in the vehicle while driving in an HOV lane that person is breaking the law and if caught shall be issued a ticket. …