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Florida Toll Violations

Is it any wonder that people do not trust government. We pass laws against texting because it distracts drivers while at the same time government erects hundreds of electronic signs that they want us to read as we drive so we can go look for a "Silver Alert" vehicle.

When it comes to Toll Violations we are told, by a sign before each toll both, that the fine for violating the toll is $100.  I have yet to see a toll ticket that can be paid with $100. The one dollar toll ends up always being over $200 when it becomes a ticket. Not only is it deceitful it is also frustrating.

Toll Violation tickets can end up costing people over $300 when the Clerk sends the ticket off to collections. There seems to be no grace-period either. The clerks send all tickets now-a-days immediately to collections upon it becoming late. I sure would like to know whose relative on the county commission got the gig with collections for the court. Pure robbery of the citizenry there.

Anyhoo, the way to s…