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Orange County to Add 40 New Red Light Cameras

Recently, the Orange County (Florida) government announced that they will increase the number of Red Light Cameras from 10 to 50 in the near future. (See Orlando Sentinel). The argument FOR these cameras is that it discourages red light running and, thus, increases safety. The County better hope not. The installation costs are in the millions and the lease rate is $4,750.00 per month, per camera.

The Orlando Sentinel, no longer an objective newspaper - rather a political rag, has taken sides in this issue and is squarely behind the installation and the bilking of Orange County residents and visitors for money. They tout that "[t]he move is a dramatic expansion from the 10 cameras already mounted at some of the county's more crash-prone thoroughfares." I dare them to look at the crash statistics for these intersections and those without cameras.

Yes, with the expansion, eventually the most crash-prone thoroughfares will be covered but the emphasis on location is where the…

Can a Suspended Drivers License Be Reinstated?

Under Florida law a driver can have his or her driver's license suspended for a whole host of reasons. Some make sense, others do not. (See my webpage regarding reasons for the government to suspend your license). Often times a driver has no idea their driving privileges have been suspended or revoked until he or she has been pulled over and is informed by law enforcement. (To check your driving privilege status go here. For questions and answers regarding suspended drivers licenses).

The usual reason for a suspended drivers license is the driver has forgotten to make an election on a prior ticket. Once they are informed of the error by law enforcement they quickly fix the situation and reinstate their drivers license. In doing so, they forget about the "driving with a suspended license" ticket they just received. Before the driver knows it he or she is being pulled over again for the same exact thing.


The biggest concern with s…