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Can the DMV Really Suspend My Drivers License for 5-Years?

The short answer is unfortunately "yes." The problem is that when you ask how you can "fix" this problem - and a 5-year suspension is a big problem for anyone - you will receive different answers from everyone you talk to.  Clerks are trained to not give out anything that could be construed as legal advice so often times they will tell you that you are stuck or to hire an attorney (best advice and not just because I am one). Worse, the DMV personnel will all tell you something different and nothing helpful.

A five year suspension is typically issued because someone has been found guilty of three "Driving While License Suspended" [DWLS] citations within a five year period of time (subject to the DMV's "new math" determination). DWLS tickets are usually due to unpaid tickets (if you don't take care of a ticket you receive within 30 days the county clerk will suspend your drivers license). A 5-year suspension occurs because you just pay you…

Orlando Area Red Light Camera Tickets

We have been fighting the Red Light Camera tickets here in Orlando, Florida, over the past year and we have been very successful.  When I write "we" I am referring to the 3-5 attorneys in this area that have made a concerted effort to defeat these citations.
After repeated hearings and the attempts by the the municipalities to have their evidence conform to the rules it is slowly but surely becoming evident that the method of "conforming" to the rules may not be so genuine.  I'm referring here to the companies that install the red light cameras and must produce the evidence needed to prove the infraction (not the municipalities themselves).
When theses companies have run up to an evidentiary obstacle in one case it seems as if they go back on all pending cases and try to "conform" their evidence to overcome the obstacle.  This has created some interesting results that, as of right now, we have not had to use against them.  It is going to be interestin…