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Just a Quick Post on "Sharing the Road"

Biking is Fun Biking is a pretty popular sport. Everyone likes to bike except maybe people who like to fish - off a pier - in a chair - with a bucket next to them. I never got into fishing but I do bike.
Don't have to be a pro to like biking I just like to recreational bike. You know, on the bike trails that seem to be everywhere these days. I don't enter races or anything, I just like to get outside sometimes and bike.
Bike Helmets Are To Protect Your BrainMost people who bike today wear bicycle helmets. That is quite a change from when I grew up. We all thought bike helmets made you look dorky, and let's face it - they do. Today we know that a bike helmet can mean the difference between a minor fall and a major accident. So when I bike I always take my helmet.
Brains Are To Protect You When I bike I also take my brain with me. I don't leave my cognitive reasoning in the closet when I bike. I use it to make my biking more fun, safe, and enjoyable.

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