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Got Toll Tickets? Don't Just Pay Them - Save Money!

Have you ever driven past a toll and seen the big green sign indicating that the fine is $100 if you don't pay? If you have ever received a toll ticket you know that the sign is an outright lie.
Most Toll Tickets Are Well Over $200!
Most toll tickets are well over $200 when you receive them. Does that mean you have to pay all that money? Absolutely not.
The Law Allows For Many Ways To Reduce Your Toll Ticket
The law provides many ways to have a toll ticket reduced. Unfortunately most of those options require that you act within 30 days after the issuance of the ticket. That is not as easy as it sounds. Most people find out about a toll ticket only when the Department notices them of a pending drivers license suspension, well past the 30 days.
We Can Also Challenge The Amount At A Hearing
You can still challenge a toll ticket if it is past the 30 day time limit so long as your license has not yet gone into suspension. Additionally, even if your license has gone into suspension ther…