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Watch Out in Orange County!

There is a new crack down going on in Orange County! It is the failure to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk law (s. 316.130 F.S.) and local law enforcement is watching for it!
Actually, They are doing a bit more... Actually, they are setting you up. They have a plain clothes police officer standing at the ready to step out into the crosswalk as you approach. Once you are close, the undercover cop steps out and a marked unit is ready to pull you over if you do not hit your brakes.

Why is this happening...
Central Florida has the reputation of the most dangerous streets for pedestrians and the local governments have made it a priority to do something about it. Well, this is what they have come up with.  Is it entrapment? "But for" the actions of the plain clothes police officer the infraction would not have occurred - right?

The Cost
The fine for this ticket is $166. It is considered a moving violation and points will be assessed if you just pay the fine.

How to Fix the Red Light Camera Dilemma

Red Light Cameras are here to stay. If you don't like that it's too bad - get use to them. There is way too much money coming from them (because people continue to run them) for any municipality to give them up. Upset, disgusted, mad? Good. Now let's talk about fixing the problems faced by the municipalities.

When these Red Light Camera companies came to Florida to peddle their wares it was like a dream come true for the cities and towns under the budget crunch from the "great recession." The Red Light Camera companies came to them promising them millions so it was no surprise that the bureaucrats, politicians, and accountants looked past all the legalities straight to the bottom line. Before anyone thought to look towards consequences we had major cities contracting with these companies to throw up the first of many red light cameras.  All seemed well at first. The money rolled in and all were happy (except, of course, for the public which was again being fleeced…