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Traffic Tickets: 30-days, Late fees, and DL Suspensions

Traffic Tickets And The 30-Day Window When you receive a traffic ticket in Florida you are told (or you are notified by the content of the ticket) that you have options on how to handle the ticket. These options are called "elections." The big three elections include: Paying the ticket.Going to driving school.Setting ticket for a hearing. All elections must be made within 30-days of receiving the ticket. If you fail to make an election within those first 30-days the following happens: The Clerk of Court assesses a late fee.The Clerk of Court notifies the Department [DMV] that you are late.The DMV begins the process of suspending your license. The DMV process to suspend your driver's license begins when they are notified by the Clerk of Court that you have failed to make an election within the 30-day window. When the DMV receives this notice they do the following: Send the Driver a letter to the last known address that they failed to make an election.The letter will have a …

Traffic Tickets, Accidents, and Dash Cams

The Dash-Cam as an Answer to Everything When you receive a ticket that you are positive the police issued to you in error or you are in an accident that you are ticketed for but you think wrongly - you think "Dash Cam." The idea of the dash-cam usually passes through your mind after-the-fact. These little devices can be valuable since they can create evidence that can easily be introduced in court for your defense.

Shortcomings and Longcomings of the Dash-Cam The problem with the dash-cam is two-fold. First, many people who get a dash-cam place it facing forward on their front windshield. This gives them a great forward but limited view. You may want to buy another dash-cam for the rear window. One thing you do not want to do is pull out a camera and start recording law enforcement after you have been stopped. Most Officers don't care about dash-cam recordings. They respect your ability to protect yourself and to prove them wrong (if they were wrong). However, when you …