Orlando Red Light Cameras - Signs

Does this sign meet the correct
specifications of the Florida DOT?
Is this sign  not in conformity to the Florida Department of Transportation [DOT] specifications?

According to the DOT, all red light camera signs that notify drivers of a red light camera at the oncoming intersection that permits right turns on red must have a sign located below the "Photo Enforced" sign that indicates "INCLUDES RIGHT TURN."

Orlando started their "Orlando Stops" campaign before the independent Red Light Camera enforcement was declared unconstitutional.  After that the legislature created a new statute that made red light camera enforcement uniform statewide.  This statute had requirements on how the cameras should be placed, maintained, etc.  However, this was after Orlando and other cities had already "placed" their cameras.  In fact, the DOT came up with specifications for these cameras only in April of 2011.

Compare the sign above with the specifications that the DOT recommend.


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