If it was about safety...

Lately, there has been some push-back on red light cameras in Florida. Two high ranking legislators want Florida to join 13 other states that ban camera enforcement. This comes after a Tampa Television News channel discovered that the state had, without comment, sneakily reduced the yellow light times to the minimum allowed by a new modified law. (See Noah Pransky). 

Well get ready. These camera companies are about to out spend everyone to convince legislators to keep the cameras. They call it "educating" the representatives. It is actually large donations to re-election campaign funds. 

The stronger the resistance the stronger the municipalities will argue for the cameras to stay. Why not - they are making millions. That would not be so bad if the municipalities were in business. They aren't - they represent us. Apparently, they believe we want them to pick our pockets. 

90% of red light cameras come from cars that miss the light by less than half a second. A fraction that would not be there if the yellow times were put back to what they were in 2010. The municipalities will argue that it is about safety. It is not. When you hear that retort ask them why it is that safety requires a more dangerous intersection. 

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