Speeding on I-4

A few weeks back a woman in her twenties was killed on Interstate 4. She had gotten into a minor accident in the early morning hours and tried to get to the side of the road. As she walked/ran to get to safety she was struck and killed by another vehicle traveling above the speed limit.

Every morning the news reports accidents on I-4 and other roads throughout central Florida. Often the accidents involve deaths. Every time we drive on I-4 there is someone exceeding the speed limit, tailgating, cutting off another driver or any combination of those activities in their rush to get somewhere. Somewhere that is undoubtedly not important enough to risk other people's lives for.  This is the tragedy. Commuters know all too well the dangers involved while driving on I-4 yet some don't care.

Yes, the on ramps are not particularly well designed, the amount of vehicle traffic has increased, and the road needs to be resurfaced. However, most everyone that drives on I-4 knows this. Daily drivers are also familiar with all the DOT circular signs signifying a fatal car accident that line the side of the road.

I represent many people each month for traffic tickets. A majority of them are for speeding. The reason for so many speeding tickets is because there are a lot of unmarked police traveling I-4 to do one job - slow people down by ticketing them. They need to slow people down because despite all we know about I-4 people still tend to drive at speeds that endanger other people.

Remember, if you get a ticket for speeding on I-4 your hearing will be in front of a judge or hearing officer that also drives on I-4. Making an excuse as to why you were exceeding the speed limit will get you very little traction with the judge or hearing officer with all the needless fatalities that occur on our roads.

The best thing to do is not speed. It is amazing how driving the speed limit still gets you to the place you want to be in roughly the same time it takes if you exceeded the speed limit. If you are traveling with the flow of traffic and receive a speeding ticket always be courteous to the law enforcement officer. He or she may give you a break. Moreover, if you challenge your speeding ticket that same officer will appear to testify before the court and the judge that also drives on I-4.

represents drivers issued traffic tickets and people injured in car accidents in the central Florida area.

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