Royalty Has It's Privileges

The saga of Drew Dyer seems to have come to an end. Drew was cited for careless driving, a civil infraction with a fine of $166. According to the Sentinel, Drew ran a stop sign, lost control of his car, and ran it into the side of a house at a speed great enough to cause $20,000 worth of damage. Then, he and his friend(s), after making contact with the home owner but before police arrived, fled the scene.

I am now working on the "Drew Dyer Motion to Dismiss." All future "Leaving the Accident Scene" cases will be asking the court to dismiss the case or reduce to careless driving.

I like Buddy Dyer. I think he has been a good mayor for Orlando. Much better than Glenda Hood. I don't blame him for influencing the outcome of this case. I think any parent would. However, law enforcement failed miserably. They caved under pressure and that just upsets me. In order for the people to respect law enforcement they have to see integrity in their ranks. This will do nothing for that.

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