Florida Criminal Record Expungements

Any one who has ever plead guilty to a minor criminal offense realizes the huge black mark that it makes in today's computer age. People today can just do a search for "background check" and find hundreds of private companies willing to take their money to provide them with a little information on someone they are curious about. Unfortunately, what people find when they search is just the cover of the book - they don't bother to understand the circumstances of the offense which can't be discerned from a brief glance of the public record.  They read "theft" and they think "thief" rather than teenager acting on a dare.

Florida has passed a law that allows people to clear up one criminal offense that has been dismissed or had adjudication withheld. This seems trivial to prosecutors, who often times argue that it is legalized lying, but for the person with the black mark an expungement can make the difference between getting a job and being unemployed. Moreover, most offenses that qualify are one time youthful mistakes. Hardened criminals usually do not qualify for this relief.

 My office has helped hundreds of people (if not thousands) obtain a record sealing or expungement. We always make sure people are qualified before they hire us. Why? Because although the procedure is tedious, the law is not that complicated. No one should ever pay an attorney to petition for an expungement and then be told they do not qualify (unless the client was untruthful or forgetful).

Today, every thing we do seems to get recorded for future reference. Expunging a record is not lying, it's the law and we take advantage of that law for people who need it.

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