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Recently, Lawrence Summers, a professor at and past president of Harvard University, wrote this article about why he thinks the United States (or maybe the United Nations) should add a new tax the the people's budgets. When I read it I was just flabbergasted and I had to respond.

Summers: The case for carbon taxes has long been compelling. With the recent steep fall in oil prices and associated declines in other energy prices, it has become overwhelming. There is room for debate about the size of the tax and about how the proceeds should be deployed. But there should be no doubt that, given the current zero tax rate on carbon, increased taxation would be desirable.

Me: There is nothing compelling about taxing one of the most abundant atoms on the planet unless you just like the idea of taking other people's money to pay for your psychotic and illogical ideas on how to run other people's lives. The decline in oil prices does not make the idea of another tax placed on the sh…