It's cRiMinAL!

If you have visited the Orange County Courthouse recently you may have noticed that the elevator service to floors 5 through 23 are "under repair." When the repairs are complete (December 2013) the public is promised to have an efficient elevator service. Until then do not pay attention to the lines or the guards telling you what to do and use the stairs. Oh, right, there are no stairs.

The red light camera program is moving full steam ahead. Safety is the main concern and reason for these cameras. Once the cities that deploy these cameras "feel" that an intersection has been "made safe" they redeploy them to a new intersection to work their magic again. It does cost money to operate these safety devices and that money is directly tied to fines imposed for running them. So if you want these safety cameras around you have to keep running those lights.

Apparently, there was a concerted effort to oust some of Florida's Supreme Court justices this past election. Three were up for merit retention votes. Every election some justices and district court judges are placed on the ballot for the citizens to vote on whether they should remain on the bench. The Florida Bar, afraid that politics was entering the election process mounted a successful "advertising" campaign to keep it (politics) out of the election process. Apparently, the Florida Bar was successful. No Justice or District Court Judge has ever been ousted by a merit retention vote and none were again.

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