Red Light Camera Statute & Training

When the Red Light Camera statute was passed into law (section 316.0083, Fla. Stat., known as the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program) several other enabling statutes had to be created or amended. One of the first mentioned in the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program [Act] is that the municipality may authorize traffic enforcement officers to issue the red light camera citations provided they comply with the training requirements found under s. 316.640, Fla. Stat. Unfortunately, none of the traffic enforcement officers hired by the City of Orlando or Orange County (excluding any prior certified law enforcement officers) has complied with the statute.

Instead of complying with the statute, the municipalities trained their would-be officers on their own. Recent court rulings have found the training to be inadequate as required by statute. The municipalities are finally retraining their officers (Dec 2012) after having issued thousands of citations since 2010. However, rather than admit the problem and move on (dismiss what is still pending) the municipalities are still fighting trying to argue (somehow) that the citations were issued by properly trained officers.

In the immortal words of Jimmy Buffett, "breath in, breath out, move on..."

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